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Tired of always being on a diet? Or constantly losing and regaining weight? Fed up of following so many rules and restrictions?

Though I’m a licensed dietitian, I don’t believe in diets! In fact, 95% of diets actually fail! I believe there’s no one size fits all solution and every person’s health is different! I am a big believer in the principles of intuitive and mindful eating and the importance of building a better relationship with food.

Through our nutrition coaching sessions, we will dig deep into the core problem and tackle weight management in a more personalized sustainable approach from looking at your lifestyle, habits, food preferences, cravings, and emotional eating.


  • Follow a plan that suits your lifestyle and food preferences
  • Eat better without feeling deprived
  • Reach your goals even when life gets busy!

Why Nutrition Untold


Don’t want to be restricted to a pre-determined meal plan? Feel like sushi today or even a burger? I work with you to give you the tools to be able to eat whatever you are craving in a healthy way

Daily Support

Accountability, support, and motivation are vital in making habits stick! Through weekly check-ins, I am there to guide you whether you are on track or have faced challenges and setbacks.


With knowledge comes empowerment. During our nutrition sessions, I work closely with you to help you understand your body, you hunger and satiety signals and what food makes you feel good.


As our sessions are all virtual, you can book your appointment from the comfort of your own home at a convenient time for you.

Habit Change

Changing your habits and mindset are the key driver behind seeing results that last. It takes about 21 days to break a habit, with effective techniques, tools, and regular check-ins we work together on building healthier habits.


From looking at your lifestyle, habits, food preferences,  and emotional eating, I create a healthy plan based on what you like. Not a fan of grilled chicken with vegetables, that doesn’t need to be included! Have a sweet tooth? Dessert will be the last thing I will remove off your list!


Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain weight, manage medical issues, or simply live healthier, the nutrition untold method will definitely help you reach your goals.

Not Sure We Are

A Right Fit?

Book a free 15-minute exploration session
Where I personally walk you through how we’ll work Together

Not Sure We Are

A Right Fit?

Book a free 15-minute exploration session
Where I personally walk you through how we’ll work Together

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